Things I Forget

In my loneliest days I often forget the things I have in life. 

 But it takes one moment to remind me that I am truly blessed.

Yesterday my husband picked me up at work for lunch.

 When I jumped into the car his eyes lighted up and he was happy to see me.  He hugged and gave me a sweet embrace.

What a great moment!

There are days I feel miserable and not loved. 

I think we all have those days. 

 The world is so big with so many things which create havoc in our lives like our busy work schedules, rising expenses, social strife and the constant worry about the future.  

It clouds our minds making us feel numb. 

These feelings I have are so wrong.

If I open my eyes and throw the negativity to the side I can truly appreciate life.

I want to thank the people in my life.  

You give me hope, happiness and a zest for life.

And I have to be honest one thing.

The things I often forget should be the first thing I remember!!!


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