One of My Fears

So I’m watching tv  when I see an ad for the program on TLC my 600 Pound Life.

I usually get a little uneasy when I see those segments.

It makes me wonder if I could ever gain that much weight.

One of the previews had a lady saying she can’t stop eating.

I often feel the same way.

Eating has always been something I’ve done my entire life.

Moderation has been difficult for me.

If I diet I often feel I am missing something.

The days I am upset I find myself heading towards the fridge or opening the cabinets.

And when I start eating it almost impossible to stop.

I could hide from life to stay in my comfort zone.  Instead I want to live and to learn to deal with my problems.

Fears only come to fruition when you decide not to deal with your emotions.

So I accept the negative which for me is some weight gain.

But accentuate the positive which is I have the means to change my life.

I still see the previews for the show but I put it in prospective.

One of my fears makes me realize I have the desire and strength to change life.






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