Beating the Blues

I often ask myself the reason I feel great one day and not so great the next.

Saturday was a busy day with family.  A trip to see some friends and then to the movies.  A nice day.

Today is a quiet and dismal day.  All day it has been raining with a grey skies.


I feel so restless.

Suffering from a case of the two d’s.

A little down and depressed.

It hits you all at once when you stop for a moment.

I worry about everything in my life.  Begin doubt myself or feel I can’t do anything right.

It takes only a moment to realize I have to break out of this funk.

So I begin to organize my life.

Pay bills, do laundry, plan dinner and take a moment to blog.

Then I begin to strategize for next week.  Work, family, budget, bills, weather.

It makes me focus.

Life is easier to handle if I take charge.

Think about your obligations and plan for tomorrow.

I gather my thoughts. Set up goals as well as an agenda.

When I feel stress it’s imperative to smooth out the rough patches.

Being a little down and depressed in not a bad thing.

In fact it can help you work on yourself to make life better.

We all go through it.

An even keel is where I like to be in life but I would not trade the down times for anything.

It fuels creativity, makes you appreciate the people in your life and provides hope.

So I think I will cuddle up on the couch with a couple of books and enjoy some football.

It does seem to get better.

I’m working on beating the blues!





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