A Little Love Letter

My Dear Husband,

I decided to write you a little love letter so that you could understand my feelings for you.

Many days go by in our relationship where I feel I have not given you the love and credit you deserve.

In my life you have been all I have ever known. No man could ever take your place in my heart.

I am no longer that young woman you once met so long ago.

As I have gotten older our relationship has changed from a young woman’s pursuit of happiness to a grown woman’s sense of purpose.

Passion remains but the focus has shifted on the life we have built with our strong bonds forged in love and companionship.

I want to ask you to love me forever….

Treasure the life we cultivated as we  yearn for more time to spend with each other

Life will not be perfect. There will never be enough money.

But I will be by your side.

And there will always be that spark.

Because some things will not change.

I will always be excited when I see you…

And will always love to hear your voice or feel your touch.

I hope you can feel things in my heart!

Your love has made me a stronger and better person.

A little love letter from me to you!


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