Through the Eyes of a Child

I sometimes have flashbacks to when I was a child.

Yesterday as I was driving I began to tear up. I remembered a blizzard that happened back when I was about eight years old.  I’m not sure what triggered the memory but it felt like yesterday. 

 The feelings brought me back to being a scared eight year old.

The day began with minor snow but ended up with blustery winds with whiteout conditions.  We were met by my aunt at the bus top as my mother had not been able to leave work as she was a nurse.  

As we walked home I realized the gravity of the situation.  You could not see in front of you. The winds pushed us along while the heavy snow made it almost impossible to walk.  My youngest sister staggered along as i kept her close to me.  There are times you feel so overwhelmed by the situation.  

It was a scary and unreconizable world. 

All of a sudden my heart stopped.

I wondered if my mother would make it home.

We were happy to see my father had made it home.  He told us stories of the accidents and cars off the road.  

In my mind all I could think of was my mother.

I stared out the window wanting to see our car.  Every time a car passed I rushed to the window and strained to see any signs of life.

The power lines sagged from the weight of the snow while the streets were hazy as the lights were partially obstructed by the falling snow.  

I could see my reflection in the window.  Tears flowed down my cheeks as I sobbed.  


The situation only got progressively worse.  The lights flickered as the power turned on and off.  My younger sister began to cry hysterically and could not be consoled.  

My father had gone back out into the snow to shovel.  

The only comfort for us was to huddle together. 

I asked God to bring my mommy home. 

Instead of sitting in despair we grabbed our blankets and some flashlights.  In the living room a tent was set up. We played a couple of games of hangman while we hunkered down. We could make the best of this situations.

“Hey guys!”  We peeked our head out to see our mom.  

It only took a moment for the three of us to rush to her side.  She was covered from head to foot in snow.  

“My girls,” she held us against her.

A moment of pure joy.

Memories provide a chance to experience times which seem so far away.  You can see things so clearly. 

Feel pain as well as joy.  

Hold on to memories. 

Allow yourself to get lost again in a time as well as a place.

We only have one chance to live a moment.

But we have a lifetime to see memories through the eyes of a child.


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