A Tree Full of Memories

I love laying on my couch looking ar the ornaments and lights on my Christmas tree.

My tree will never be in a Martha Stewart spread but I think it’s beautiful.

I look at each ornament placed on the tree. It evokes feelings of happiness.

My favorites are ones made by my son.  A Christmas tree made of puzzle pieces, a wreath made of macaroni and a Rudolph made with Popsicle sticks.

Campbell soup ornaments given to me by my sister.

Disney Christmas balls along with characters like Mickey, Minnie, Woody  and Buzz.  A couple that are missing heads because my son presumed these items were toys.

Snowmen of different shapes and sizes.  One that is a fisherman with a plaid shirt that kind of reminds me of my husband.

A baby’s first Christmas ornament with a koala bear.

Special gifts from friends.  

A dill pickle from my mom along with Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus ornaments.

Handmade wood ornaments with my name and my husbands on it made by my brother in law when he first started dating my sister.

I feel so blessed!  

So I’ll sit and bask in the season with my tree full of memories….


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