The Days I Feel Lost

I’ve felt lost lately.

Food seems to have one of my best friends.

It makes feel happy and never seems to talk back to me.  

Also I have dreaded exercise.

So I have kind of lost my way.

Again I sat in the Doctor’s office and winced at the number on the scale.

The only consolation was I had not gained back all the weight I had lost.

  I have moped around and felt pretty sorry for myself. 

 To be honest I truly hated myself for the failure.

But the times I feel lost create moments of enlightenment.  I go from despair to hope.  

 There’s always an answer as well as a feverish desire to stay healthy. 

 The tears I cried have subsided.  

There’s some work I need to do.

So here’s my list.

Eat right.


Think positive.


Getting lost has never been the problem.

Finding my way back provides the biggest challenge!


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