A Belief

In one moment 

People can tear down our world

Allow fear to rule our thoughts

It takes awhile to recover

But we come back to where it all began


The greatest gift

An inherent concept

Shared by billions

In one moment senseless violence

Makes our world feel helpless

We push aside those thoughts

As we must always

Live and savor life

Our one chance

Amid the strife and senseless violence

To live peacefully

We remain a part of our ever changing world

Keep in your mind

One little thought

No matter how bleak

We can rally 

 Our communities and friends

Provide hope

Dispell our fears

So remember 

Life shall continue

People will begin

To pick up the pieces

And return to normalcy 

You ask me how I know

It is a belief

A belief in good

❤ Paris & France


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