Being Human

A face among the crowd

One person in a lonely world

Traveling the road of life

A tenuous path

Attempting to maneuver

Without sacrificing our legacy

To remain a person of substance

A person worthy of life’s gifts

Sharing a plethora of love

With those around us

Life may absolve our resiliency 

Reducing us to rubble

Amid our turmoil

There remains a constant

The beating of our hearts

With the rising of our chests

An intrinsic value for life

With an absolute need 

For love and admiration

 We shall not regret

Placing our trust with others

Depending on their unending support

To not wallow in self pity

We must remain vigilant

To reciprocate to others in need

Listen and understand

And always remember

Treasure life

Be an inspiration

Provide guidance

Forget the negative

Walk like your life has purpose

Smile onto your peers

Forget foolishness

As life provides us one chance

To be enthralled

In being human


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