Refuse to Listen

I was on Facebook and noticed a post about bullying.  

It had three girls sitting together when two of them team up on one girl saying some horrible things.

  It showed people around them refusing to listen and telling the two bullies to cut it out. Some people even had the young child come sit next to them.

I was touched by this post.

  It takes reasonable people to point out bad behavior.

 In some aspects it brought back painful memories as a child. Sitting there when people decided to tear me apart and spit me out. 

 There were some adults that felt this was normal behavior.  

Is this normal behavior to treat others with such cruelty and disregard?  

I think not. 

 In third grade I went to a teacher.  She told me to stop being a baby about it.

  I cried for days about it.  There was no relief to the abuse.  

Kids coming up telling me I was fat, ugly and stupid.  A lonely and sad time for me.

I never really could avoid mean people.  But I tried to make the best of it.  It made me realize I needed to break the the cycle.

 To break the cycle a person has to appreciate the value of people and treat with mutual respect.

  I have become a better person in life adhering to this plan. Life has given me a wealth of love as well as an insight into foregiveness. 

I stand up for myself. Look out for others. And understand my worth as a person.  

I refuse to listen to the bullies in life. 


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