A Day in the City

A trip to New York City. 

The plan was to go to Broadway to see the Phantom of the Opera.

After a lengthy bus ride we disembarked on the busy streets to make our way to the theatre district.

On every corner people from so many walks of life. A beautiful medley of humanity. Every step brought new sights and sounds.

People watching is something I love to do.

A family with kids.  Young and old couples holding hands.  People in costumes or dressed to the nines.

A great day of people watching.

After enjoying the awesome show we walked back to the bus.

Two of our passengers were coming back to the bus. 

 It was an older lady with her daughter.  I noticed a young women walking  with them.  

I presumed it was the one woman’s daughter and the other’s granddaughter.  

It was a few moments of heartfelt goodbyes.  

The mother holding her child almost refusing to let go while the grandmother smiling, hugging and feeling so proud about this young woman.

“Wait I brought something for you”the mother yelled. She jumped onto the bus and grabbed a bag. “I made you cookies.”

Everyone was smiling.  

The mother gave her one last hug and reluctantly left her behind.  The young woman walked away into the big city.

It brought my own memories back.

Love and caring is something which never goes out of style. 

 It renews faith and makes you understand the importance of being human.

A great day in the city!


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