To Be With Him

In life it is a privilege and a blessing to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

It provides a time for reflection as well as hope.

To reflect on precious memories.

And pray for good health and prosperity for the future.

It’s hard to put into words what my husband means to me.

He represents the rudimentary and tangible pieces of my life.

With him:

I know I’m not alone. 

There’s someone to support me.

Give me encouragement.

Nurture me back to health. 

Console me in times of sorrow.  

Protect me when I am afraid.

Call me beautiful when I feel ugly. 

Hold me in a great bear hug.

Love has definitely found us.  

So when I think of us I get emotional.  

The tears flow freely because I have so much love for him.

Our relationship has changed through the years.

It has been so many different things.

A roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

With lots of laughs.

And tears.

Periods of strife.

But love always remain in the forefront.

A constant reminder of our commitment.

An anniversary brings insight into our future.

Provides a clear path.

Pushes aside the negative.

Brings us closer together.

I understand my destiny.

It is to be with him.

Happy Anniversary my darling!

❤ Kim


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