Normal Lives

I heard someone mention a shooting.

I cringed.  

My heart sank…

I wanted to stop listening.

Another senseless tragedy

People being gunned down

There has to be a stop to the violence.

Answers have to be sought

Life needs to be lived.

I don’t have the solution. 

Only the hope

The hope

People will seek help for mental illness

Others will listen for signs of distress

Of a person not thinking rational

There has to be an emphasis

On downplaying violence

Promoting a peaceful society

Initiatives developed at the grassroots level

Going to the steps of our Capitol

The faces of victims will never leave my mind

I can’t bear to hear the stories

But we shall rally around

The innocent victims 

Hail the heroes

And hold the people in our lives tighter

There has to be a reason

An ordinary day

Ends with such tragic results

People going to school, work, out to eat or shopping

Living normal lives


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