A Beautiful Life

A beautiful life.

An ornate tapestry that has been woven and intermingled with the people in your life.

Everyone in this room has cherished memories of you tucked away in the recesses of their mind.

A friend, confidant, caregiver, cheerleader and of course comedian.

I’m blessed.

I have been loved the moment I was conceived.

All my life I have had your undying love and support. There was a bond that would not be broken.

A connection between a mother and her child.

Sometimes as a child when I cried alone you always seemed to hear me.

You made me believe I was my own person.

I could prosper, grow and persevere in this cruel world.

There was also the belief of the good in the world.

A need for intelligent conversation.

Always some time for humor.

No matter how small life needed to be celebrated.

A chance to enjoy people.

The beauty of life.

One of my most cherished memories was the day my son was born.

I had been wheeled in to have a C Section.

You were by my side. I kept asking what was happening. You calmly were explaining to me the situation.

The moment came when my son arrived I strained to hear any sounds. I did not hear any cries. Immediately I began to get upset and cry.

“Kim! Kim! Listen, that’s your son crying.”

She pointed the hallway as he had been taken out of the room for the pediatrician to examine.

I could hear him.

You have excelled at is being a mother. Loved and supported your children. There have been hard times but the one thing that has always pushed through is your undying adoration and devotion.

You’ve always told me I will always be your baby. No matter how many times you look at me you would see that little child running around in your mind.

And no matter how upset or angry you were once you heard me call Momma your heart would melt and you would push aside any obstacles in your way to be there for me.

Being a mother defined your life. Provided a purpose as well as a path.

The most rewarding and challenging job in your life.

The only thing I ask is that I get to keep you forever in my life.

As time goes by it seems like an enemy.

I know my sentiments are not true.

Time has cultivated our beautiful memories that has bloomed throughout our lives.

So let’s look back at your life.

Take our special moments and refuse to let them go.

A wonderful person who has touched so many lives.

As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend.

Someone that has made us laugh, cry, feel or emote.

Stood by us the worst of times.

Held us when we cried.

Given us a kick when needed.

Provided words of encouragement.

A helping hand.

I love to hear your voice or to feel your touch.

My belief is not to fear the future.

Cherish the present.

Take the splendor of a life lived.

To create a cascading collage of memories.

Such a beautiful life.

Let keep living it!

Happy 70th birthday Mom


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