Fat Tuesday

Some days I just feel fat!

Today was one of those wonderful days…..

I kept pulling my shirt down.

Nothing seemed to fit right.

Every look in the mirror was frustrating!

There will always be the question when will I lose this weight.

Discouragement seems to linger.  Hopelessness is around the corner.

Then I pull myself back to reality!

I understand me.

I’ll always see that fat girl in the mirror.

Sometimes it just bothers me more than other days .

My monthly friend is around the corner.

My willpower at a standstill.

And chocolate cravings are driving me crazy.

I decided to turn off the tv and crash on the couch.

Some peace and quiet.

Think it out.

Let go of the fat girl.

Just feel good about me.

A constant battle.

Negativity will only lead to despair.

It may be Fat Tuesday.

I’ll be ok! 



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