The Day Our World Stood Still

The day our world stood still

memories of terror and fear.

When planes stopped flying.

Giant skyscrapers were reduced to rubble.

And The Capitol endured a direct hit

The only solace

Amid the chaos 

The American spirit

brave men and woman 

Entering the billowing clouds

Pushing away the destruction

To save lives

Checking for those left behind

Leading the bewildered to safety

A rallying of our people

Displaying strength and perserverence

As well as Tears for those that perished
Begging for normalcy to return

The day’s events

Etched into our minds forever

We shall not be the same

Never feeling totally safe again

Remaining on guard

We continue

Living our lives

Protecting our legacy

By reading the names

Taking moments of the day

To honor our beloved

Erecting meaniful memorials

On sacred grounds

Allowing our country to slowly heal

But never forgetting 

The day our world stood still

I love you America!


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