Another Step Away From Me

First day of school for my son.

I had to be there to see him off.

I often scoffed at my mother for waiting out for the bus with us the first day of school.

Even in our high school years she would stand out there with us.

We would beg her to go inside so we would not be  embarrassed.

She stoutly refused.

Each year it was a rite of passage to watch her children get on the bus.

Take one more step up in life.

Fast forward to my son’s first day of fourth grade.

My son jumped out of the car and hurried to the crosswalk.

I reached out to grab him for a hug.

I stopped.

There was a little catch in my throat.

All I could think of saying is come back to me.

I longed for the child I held in my arms.

It only hit me for a brief moment.

I realized karma kicked me in the but.

But I understand the way my mother felt.

Your child will always flood your mind with memories and create a whirlwind of emotion .

Each step from a small baby, toddler, little boy and now a big boy.

A person full of his own ideas in addition to his thoughts.

It’s a time to rejoice.

But there is always a part of that is sad as another year passes.

I feel my son takes another step away from me…


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