Balancing Act

Life never seems to have that right balance.

You always seemed to be pulled more one way than another.

It made me think about this Friday.

Friday kickboxing session almost the end of our session.

We were stretching out our legs by balancing grabbing our foot bringing it up to hold a stance.

My body was so tired I couldn’t even balance.

So in desperation I held my balance for all it was worth.

I began to wriggle back and forth causing me to almost land on the floor.

Laughable moment.

Balance is not just a yoga move.

It takes agility but it takes strength.

A need to keep it all together.

A great analogy to be shared in our everyday lives.

Maintain balance in our lives.

Not too many downs. Always try to keep upbeat.

Keep our center of inertia where it needs to be.

My goal is to balance my life with the thing that mean the most to me.


Keep a balance with exercise and eating habits.

Happiness is key.

Working through the hard times.

Inner strength with ongoing faith.

A true balancing act!!

❤ Kim


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