Managing Fear

My son Brian was terrified to swim.

It started in head start when he was four.  He refused to go into the water with the other children.  We tried to figure out the reason.  There were no answers.

A couple years later my sister got a pool so we would go over for a swim.  He would grab onto the sidewalks refusing to let go insisting on wearing a life jacket.

The next summer he finally began to venture out into the pool with a life jacket on.  

My husband wanted him to take the life jacket off and stop being so afraid.

I wanted to give him time.

A couple weeks ago he was over a friend’s with his dad.  The pool was not deep so his father coaxed him to take off the life jacket.  

It was like something clicked. 

 The fear had subsided.  

He even decided to swim without the life jacket in my sister’s pool. 

 We all marveled at his accomplishment.  

The best moment was showing his daddy he could swim without the life jacket!

Fear can be debilitating.  It can prevent people from enjoying life.

I’ve learned a lot from my son.  

We have to face life.

Accept challenges..

And manage our fears the best that we can!

Way to go Brian!!!!  


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