My Spot on the Couch

My lovely little spot on the couch.

I’ve turned the tv off to relax.

The window above is open with fresh air streaming in.

I can see clear blue skies.

My son is in his room playing with his toys.  Acting out his own little skits with different voices.  It really makes me smile.

Sometimes I ask myself if this could be a little piece of heaven.  

Tranquil and calm. 

Time to clear my head.

 Relax after a long day!  

But I understand my life will change.  I will not always feel so free. 

 I think about these moments.  

I’ve learned.

Happiness should not be measured.  Instead it should be treasured for each enjoyable or satisfying moment.  

I feel pretty good right now.

I could not ask for more right now than this spot on the couch!


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