One Little Moment

A long week.

Life can be so monotonous and unfair.

You must work so much to try to make a living.

It creates strain on a marriage.

I walk in the door then my husband walks out.

I have to ask myself are we are two people living separate lives!

It seems like it!

But I know this is not the case!

On Wednesday he was getting ready for work.  He looked tired and worn.

Most times after work I flop on the couch or go to my room to change.

Failing to take a moment to acknowledge my husband.

I could see he needed a lift.

It took one little moment to change his mood.

A huge hug and embrace.

There was a twinkle in his eyes and a warm smile.

“I need your love.” He said.

My spirits soared. I could feel emotion again.

One little moment to change your day.

Put a little spark in life.

Reasons for our relationship and commitment.

Sadly I forget and let the every day stress of life create obstacles.

I pushed these feeling to the side.

And for a few moments I loved him.  Kissed and caressed his face.  Whispered that I loved him with all my heart.

A beautiful moment in a long and arduous day.

Things I need to remember to do in life!

I love you Dave!

❤ Kim


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