Always Hungry

I’m always hungry.

But I can’t figure out the reason.

It must go back to childhood as well as my disposition.

There were no boundaries for me with food.  I ate the things I wanted without any limits.  

Food became a friend on a lonely day and provided much needed solace from a cruel world.

If I was sad or mad I ate.  In fact after a bad day it was normal for me to find something to eat and scarf down the entire thing.  

My self control was something I never found or bothered to practice.

It’s followed me my entire life.  

I blame myself.  In food I found a drug.  Something I craved and could not get enough of in life.

The most amazing thing is that I have heard this from so many other people.

In some people it started like me in childhood or later in life. 

 Food filled that void that nothing else could ever touch.

So everyday I work to control my eating habits.   I try different methods or follow people’s advice.

 Some days are better than others.

I understand I am always hungry. 

But I keep working on it!


One thought on “Always Hungry

  1. I completely understand. What’s helped me is to analyze my “hunger” and satisfy it in other ways. Am I hungry for companionship, fun, alone time, peace, etc. rather than food? Sometimes our hunger also denotes thirst. Crafting, exercise, or time with family and friends are usually my distractions. The hunger is always there–but I’m learning that I can control it. I imagine that it’s very similar to an addict’s constant craving for drugs or alcohol.

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