Live Your Life

In the recent news it has shown different people making profound life changes. 

Major life decisions that changes an outlook on life and provides new perspective.

I ask myself not to judge others but to understand. 

 It’s not easy because I always have an opinion.  But the things I may think or say would be my own view and not anyone else’s.

The worst thing is to live a lie.  Be a person that is not true to your feelings and needs.  

The question revolves around how we find this inner sanctum.

If I had to give advice to people I would say the following things 

  • Be the person you were born to be
  • Stop trying to please everyone
  • Ignore ignorance
  • Embrace your uniqueness and originality
  • Let your tears make you feel human but not weak
  • Accept yourself
  • Live your life

❤️ Kim


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