Fear of the Fat Girl

I saw her in the mirror.  

And my heart began to beat 

Sweat poured off  my forehead

Something I dreaded to see

It has been my entire life 

I’ve looked at that girl.

And this is what I see

A warm and sincere face 

But she’s not smiling.

The reflection bothers her.

It shows her

Grossly overweight

Hopelessly depressed about it.
Crouching over

To hide her body

With a shirt stretched down

Smoothing out the bumps

It takes a moment 

And she turns away

Disgusted by her shape

Disheartened by the work needed

To lose the pounds

And improve her quality

Of life

The fat girl may leave

But there’s a little part

That remains behind

Painful memories

In addition to a picture

Of a person

She needs to accept

And put into perspective

A human first

And part of humanity second

Her healing begins

With the first steps

She believes

To always ingratiate yourself

With love 

And improve the things

You can ulimately change

Elimate irrational thoughts

As there should be no

Fear of the fat girl


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