Our Way of Life

I often ask how our way of life is preserved in our vast country.  

The freedoms people enjoy and expect every day. 

 I have to thank the men and woman in the military. 

 The service that is provided is integral in stablizing our country as well as holding together its people.  We can complain and try to refute these premises but lets be honest.  A person in military service trains to respond in times of turmoil.  

When others run away these people head to the epicenter to take on the worst.  

There’s also the opportunity to savor the legacy.  The battles which were fought whether lost or won.  When all that stood was our majestic flag in the heat of battle. 

 I feel an immense sense of pride.  I hope and pray for their safe return.

 So all I ask is that people stop those in our military or those that have served to give them a heartfelt thank you.  

Listen to history and appeciate its value.
We depend on military. 

Our way of life depends on them!


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