I Always Think of You

It’s about your smile

Or the way you move

A woman so proud and strong

Taking on the world

Not afraid to cry

And willing to feel

You gave me life

And continue to bless me

With life’s intangible gift

Your love and admiration

Strength and support

Your presence hovers around me

In good and bad times

A constant safe harbor

Someone always willing

To tell me the truth

And prevent me from

Wallowing in my own sorrows

Always willing to cheer me on

To accentuate the positive

As well as downplay the negative

My best friend

And confidant

Truly a loving life companion

A person I share

The fears I harbor

As well as my hope and dreams

You are still here for me

I treasure our moments

Life is so precious

The best times for me

Is when I close my eyes

And see your warm face

Feel your touch

And listen to your soothing voice

No matter the day

Or moment

I always think of you

Love you forever



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