I can’t eat without thinking about the calories and how the food is going to effect my daily food intake.

I decided to call it gastroeconomics.

When I sit down to eat a greasy and calorie laden meal I think about the cost. 

 The cost to my caloric intake as well as to my health.

All these factors help shape my eating habits.  Anyone who is trying to maintain or lose weight understands. 

Lately I have not been balancing this well the past couple of weeks. 

 I’ve kind of been eating extras and enjoying some really unhealthy meals.  

It reflects on our life and the choices we make to get healthy.  

So I decided to do some accounting.

My balance sheet is in the negative and I debits are exceeding my credits!  

But I can change this with better choices and bumping up my exercise.

There are no ecomomic hardships! 

Instead someone that knows she has to work at it everyday!


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