New Day

Another day on the horizon

That I need to face

I try to keep up

With its hectic pace

No time to rest

Or even to think

Some days hovering

On the brink

A moment joy

And little rest

Help’s me make it

Through life’s tough test

I shed my tears

And give my love

Pray to my Lord

For help from above

The new day represents

A bona fide belief

An ability and challenge

To turn over a new leaf

Always believe

In the strength you possess

In moments of grief and sorrow

Or when under duress

Life’s narrow path

With its abundance of turns

Excellent opportunities on the road

To experience and learn

Listen to your heart

And see with your eyes

Life is never that bad

Under its well hidden guise

We shall not falter

Or lose the way

Onto a new journey

Of a glorious new day


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