Flab is No Fun

I looked in the mirror and noticed my arms were a little flabby.

Then I checked out my middle. Noticed some flab there as well.

I marvel at people that have six pack abs.  The work that must go into this is staggering.

A clean diet with plenty of exercise that mixes in strength, cardio and of course ab work.

There are some days I feel I could be this committed.  Other days I shake my head and wonder about me.

Challengers in my life come and go.  I feel it’s necessary to look at different ways I can improve my life as well as self image.

So I think I will make sure I stop trying to forget about the flab.  To work on my core.

I think everyone will agree!

Flab is no fun!


4 thoughts on “Flab is No Fun

  1. Flab – a yucky word isn’t it?!?!
    I am looking at my flab as we speak from having my baby last about 2 weeks ago…lots of lose flab there. I will have to commit as well and focus on tightening it soon.
    It is hard but I know I will feel better once I tone it up some..I will be more confident and feel more beautiful AND that makes all the hard work worth it!
    keep that in mind…how you will feel after you commit and start toning will be incredible!

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