March Madness

I’m really glad March will be gone.

It has been a weird month!

It seems like all sorts of funny or wacky things have been happening.

One morning I left the house without putting on my deodorant.

Another time I had a new shirt on and forgot to take off the little XL tab that was located right on my chest.

A couple of times I just about wiped out.

One time while going up the stairs while the other going out to the parking lot to find my car.  Of course there were lots of people watching me.

There’s also been some crazy weather patterns.

You just never know if there is going to be sun or a blinding snow storm.

So I’m happy March has decided to take a hike!

Hopefully April will be less crazy and much more serene!


4 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. March was a plateau month. As of last Friday I was down one where pound for the month. Ugh. Here is to a better April. No thrills, spills and chills.

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