Mean People

Mean people must be really unhappy in their lives!

I was reading about the comments the British journalist made about Kelly Clarkson.

I shook my head in disgust.

No matter where we are in our lives people will try to break down our being by using cruel and vicious comments.

I have had to deal with this behavior from others for my entire life.

It feels like a bee sting.

At first there’s a painful sting which turns into throbbing ache until it final subsides.

We can all relate to these feelings. People just living life when a callous and rude individual decides to ridicule them.

We have to be able to deal with malicious people.  To accept their lack of respect and dignity.

I loved Kelly’s response.  She’s happy in her life and has a beauty family to show for it.  In her response she did not strike back instead she acknowledged this idiot and ignored the comments.

I have learned to do this in my life.  But of course I have times where the words of another hurt me. I’m human!

A person purposely hurting and disparaging others must lack feeling and decency.

Unfortunately mean people will always exist in our world.

In all walks of life.

Our challenge is to accept their words and realize it does not change the person we are inside!


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