Specially Made for Mom

My mother is a woman that rarely gets upset but I remember one Valentine’s Day when she was almost in tears.

Due to a lack of funds my father did not get her anything.  I remember them arguing the entire day.

“A stinking card would not have cost that much.” I heard her yell at my dad. “It’s the thought that counts!”

It was at that time my sisters and I decided to make her some Valentines.  We got out all our construction paper, glue, scissors and glitter to make her happy.  It was an afternoon filled with crafts.  I think there was more glitter all over the room than on the cards.  We professed our undying love to her and told her she was the best mommy in the world.

I remember her admiring the cards. She still was not happy with Dad but it brightened her day.

I don’t think my father ever forgot Valentine’s Day after that incident.  He made sure there were flowers, candy and a beautiful heartfelt card.

In life there’s beauty in realizing everyone wants to be thought of as well as enjoy a couple of trinkets to show appreciation and love!


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