Nothing Good to Eat

On Monday my son had a snow day.
At lunchtime I heard my phone ring.
“What is there for lunch?” My husband asked.
My son did not like any of the choices. I heard my son in the background so I asked to talk to him.
“Mommy, there’s nothing to eat. You don’t have any Pringles, chicken nuggets and Daddy got only one thing of Oreos.!”
I tried to tell him that we had other things to eat that were better for him.
“Well then I’m not going to have anything to eat!” He wailed.
I try to limit these things! For him and me.
It is hard to get a kid to eat healthy! Even harder for an adult!


One thought on “Nothing Good to Eat

  1. It is hard, but it’s worth it. Better to make him sad about salads now than sad about his weight later. Part of our job as parents is teaching them good from bad, even with food. I didn’t always do this well with my children and it shows. They struggle with weight just like me. You have the chance to break the chain and help him learn to crave healthy foods.

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