The Things I Never Did

My son was running up and down the basketball court with his team.  I’ve seen him grow tremendously from being a part of a team.  It’s given him a new sense of confidence and pride.

I’ve also seen a tenacious side.  He’ll shoot baskets constantly to get better.  There has also been moments where he gives it his all and truly surprises me with his desire to play and contribute.

I feel so proud.

I have to admit I never did any schools sports as a child.  I was too afraid of people making fun of me for my size.  Often I would be the last one picked at school.  Classmates loved to taunt me.

I shied away from one thing which may have helped me lose weight or help me to develop confidence.

Sports has always been something I’ve loved to watch but not participate in.

But I continue to let go of my feelings and realize as a child you grow and branch out in different directions.  I became immersed in different areas which developed into a love for reading as well as writing.

I will encourage my child to participate in sports.

It helps with the learning as well as social processes in society.  Also it provides an opportunity to exercise to develop healthy habits and goals.

It’s wonderful watching my son do the things I never did when I was his age!


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