The Things I Need to Do

I decided to make a list of the things I need to do in life!

  1. Be there for my son
  2. Eat right
  3. Plan my meals
  4. Get sleep
  5. Take me time
  6. Tell people in my life I love them
  7. Exercise
  8. Kiss my husband hello and goodbye
  9. Set aside family time
  10. Encourage people
  11. Enjoy music
  12. Take a moment to dance
  13. Sing a song
  14. Be positive
  15. Show compassion
  16. Complete a food journal
  17. Be eager to learn
  18. Admit when I’m wrong
  19. Stand up for myself
  20. Enjoy the little things in life
  21. Write the things I feel
  22. Embrace the day
  23. Let go of the past
  24. Live in the present
  25. Plan my future

What are the things you feel you need to do in life?

Think about it.

It a combination of things you need to do for yourself and others which give you a sense of pride, happiness, peace and well being.

🙂 Kim


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