Bitter Cold

It sometimes gets so cold  you are afraid to go outside.  The wind whips and cuts life a knife against your face or any uncovered area.

It feels so bitter and cruel outside that you seek shelter in the warmth.

I had picked up my son from school and had gone to the grocery store.

On our trip home I saw a family walking along side the road.  I could not imagine having to weather these horrible conditions on foot.

My heart wanted to give them a ride but I’ve become wary of strangers.

I hoped their home was warm from the cold.

Often in times like these I pray for those that are less fortunate than me.

Life does not give everyone the same opportunities or chances.

So when I arrived home I felt grateful for the warmth of my home, a decent car and food.

It things people should not take for granted in their lives.

The bitter colds brings this into focus for me!


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