All I Asked For

Life can change so quickly.

My husband told me in November he was having chest pains.

After several doctor visits he went to have a stress test.  He told me he thought it went well.  I felt a sense of relief.

However his visit to the doctor revealed it was abnormal and he needed a cardiac catheterization.

Several people told me the test was not too bad and the worst part would be if he would have to have a stent placed in the artery.

The next couple days before the test were filled with angst.

I’m not a person that deals well with the unknown.  There were many questions that revolved around my head.  I was scared if there were complications or if he needed surgery on his heart.

The day of the test I sat in the waiting area.  My nerves were extremely calm and I felt at ease.

“God, please let him be ok.  I will deal with anything that comes our way.”

The actual test flew by and he was wheeled back into the recovery area.

I was overjoyed to hear there were no blockages in his arteries.

His heart was weakened and slightly enlarged. These conditions could be treated with medication and exercise.

“This means you’re stuck with me for the next fifty years.” I told him.

He laughed and agreed to accept the challenge.

I felt so blessed!

That day I felt I was given all I had asked for by God!


2 thoughts on “All I Asked For

  1. Not knowing, waiting and going through tests then waiting for the results can be the worst thing but I’m so pleased all is looking good. 🙂

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