Basketball Mom

It was another basketball game for my son.

I love to see him involved with sports.

As a child due to my weight I shied away from competing because I was ashamed of my size and felt people would make fun of me because I was fat.

I realize that I was wrong about my feelings. In my younger years I wish that I had the fortitude and confidence my son possesses in life.

He is not the best athlete on the floor.  But I have to say he has the most enthusiasm and zest for life.

Often times when I see him competing he has a hop in his step and a sly smile to share with me.

The thing he has been working on is making baskets but there was none in this game.

Instead he has become a tenacious defender near the basket.  Several times he swarmed his opponent and stopped their progress on the court with some steals.

He plays fair and has compassion for his teammates as well as opponents.

I laughed when watching him play a much smaller player.  The kid was guarding him by giving him almost a bear hug.

He took it all in stride.

Enjoyed the chance to be a part of a team.

A proud basketball mom!


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