Positive Spin

I’ve always tried to put a positive spin on everything in my life.

If there is a tragedy I think how it can prevent other problems.

If I do something wrong it’s a lesson I needed to learn.

If I fail to meet someone’s expectations I try to see how I can be a better person.

At times it gets tiring.

I just want to sink into that abysmal hole and not come out.

Lately life has kicked my but.

I just feel tired.

I know that everyone feels this way at times.

But it has been hard putting a positive spin on this in my life.

The best thing I can do is write about my feelings and share my experiences.  I think one of my biggest problems is that I want to be strong and not let anything bother me.

But feelings make up an important part of me.

So I will put a positive spin on this is my life.

I think of it as a book.  I close a chapter and open a new one.

The unread pages of my life will bring me unbridled joy and happiness and sorrow shall fall to the wayside like the pages that already have been red.

Happiness provides the best incentive for life.

I can find it anywhere. I just need to look for it!

My positive spin on life!


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