Hurt Feelings

It was one of those weekends!
There are times I get over anxious and feel very apprehensive.
It happens when I’m stressed and certain times of the month.
On Saturday I just wanted to hide my head when my husband was driving. My nerves get the best of me!
I get easily agitated and irritable.
Unfortunately it was not any better Sunday!
“You know I really hate when you act like this. ” he said to me in a harsh tone.
I wanted to be strong!
Not to cry!
Too late!
The waterworks started!
He apologized several times. Let me know he understood the way I was feeling.
I love my husband for telling me how sorry he was and that he understood at times how hard it was for me to relax.
I still have hurt feelings but I know it must be hard on him.
So I keep working on myself as well as our relationship!


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