Heart of the Matter

“Babe,” He said, “I’ve been having some chest pain.” My husband told me a few weeks ago.

It immediately got my attention and I could feel my mind racing.

It’s not the first time he complained of pain.  The doctor did find narrowing of one of the arteries and has been following him closely.

I ask myself how do you deal with this type of worry.

It’s seems to manifest in my unconscious and rest of my shoulders.  I can’t  concentrate.  I feel scared about the unknown.

I try not to let my husband see my fears.

Instead I power through my days and be positive.  Smile.

But sometimes at night I can’t keep it together. I find myself falling apart.

It seems like I can talk about anything in my life except my fear.

A fear of losing the man I love.  The life that we share.

He went for some testing this week and I was forced to sit in the waiting area.

As people walked by my heart jumped in anticipation.  I strained to hear any sounds.

After a long while I heard a sound.

My husband’s laugh!

It seemed to push me back to reality. Assuage my fears!

Life is meant to be lived.

Fear will be there but life is waiting to be lived.

The true heart of the matter!

And it looks like everything is ok!


2 thoughts on “Heart of the Matter

  1. God is GOOD! I know the feeling. It was about 18 months ago when I had the scare of my life. Hubby went in for a routine test and ended up in ICU for 12 days. He just wasn’t feeling well for about 2 weeks & thought it was allergies. I remember the FEAR. Today, we may be careful but we are living life to the fullest.. You are right… LIFE is meant to be lived. Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

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