Food For One

I think one of the hardest things for me is to portion my food.
My eyes light up when I see a plate filled with food or a bowl piled high with ice cream.
The problem is I can’t explain the reasons I want to overeat.
Since childhood I’ve found myself eating way too much food.
So the best thing for me is to slow down and take time to measure or portion the items.
Another aspect of this is going for one serving.
Today I measured my rice and took one piece of chicken.
The only thing I did not worry about is the broccoli.
My goal is to keep doing this for the rest of my life.
I feel like I’m learning to eat again.
I’m one person and need the right amount and mix of food!
Healthy and nutritious!
For this one person!


One thought on “Food For One

  1. You are learning to eat again. You are retraining your brain to accurately assess how much is enough. Congratulations on measuring. For a while it will be your best friend.

    When you are away from you easing cup try the “if you can halve it you can have it” approach. Actually split the portion in two. Enjoy half and take the rest home. I promise you won’t starve, nor will starving children in far away lands be impacted.

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