Love You More

I was shopping and noticed a decorative plaque.
“Love you more.” It said.
I smiled!
I often say this to my husband.
It brought me back to my younger days.
I was so self conscious about my weight.
I would never meet a man for me!
But I did!
When I fell for him it became the focus of my life.
It took a long time for me grow up.
My life almost seemed to depend on him.
If he said he loved me I had to love him more and give him everything I had inside and out!
I had to let go of my feelings.
Believe I was worthy of his love and adulation.
A funny thing happened.
He exceeded my expectations!
He loved me!
Gave me support.
Provided a safe haven.
Someone to run to.
And hold onto.
Held my hand.
Dried my tears.
Praised me.
And always told me everything would be okay.
A valuable lesson I learned!
Relationships grow and change!
People should love you for the person you are in life!
You deserve the best for yourself!
Right place, right time with the right person!
I really do love him more!


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