The First Ten Days

It all about getting a good start!

So it’s ten days into the New Year and I have been trying to turn myself around to produce some positive results.

I have often said weight loss will be for my entire life!

This is true but it’s important to take periods in your life and analyze the things which provide the best success.

I’ve found the times I turned my back on living a healthy lifestyle were when I was tired, frustrated or bored.

So I have been working on some new things as well as old.

I decided to share some of the new as well as old things for the start of the New Year!

  • Tracking my exercise. I spent $30 on a activity tracker.  There are often times I don’t feel like I exercise.  In looking at my tracker I was excited. I have been logging over 5000 steps about 2 miles every day.  It has lead me to some subtle changes like parking in a different area at work so I can get some more steps!
  • Group activities.  I have entered a weight loss challenge with some friends and also will be making some plans to do walks.
  • Portion size.  I have made a promise to myself to keep my measuring cups near the stove so when I’m taking food I measure my portion.
  • Journaling.  I really suggest people but a journal!  Keep track of your food and write down your thoughts.
  • Food options. My husband got me a bullet blender for Christmas!  I have been making smoothies!  Also I’ve been making myself some ice milk at night with some honey to stave off the cravings for ice cream!  It a great way to increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and essential vitamins as well as minerals.
  • Sharing experiences. The best thing this year has been talking to people and sharing experiences.  I keep telling myself to be more open.  I will be!

Everything in our lives is a work in progress!  We must keep positive. Learn ways to cultivate healthy and sustainable habits!

Life is good!



One thought on “The First Ten Days

  1. You’re off to a good start, Kim. I like the bullet points of things you are doing, and that you are pausing to take stick so early in the year.

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