Keep Journaling

On my weight loss journey I have to admit the month of December has provided me with so many challenges.

It began with me gaining weight. Feeling tired as well as depressed.  And it ended with me being sick as a dog! 

This morning when I woke up I ran around looking for my food journal I had gotten from Weight Watchers.  I was in a total panic because it has been the only think keeping me from going over the edge.

With the Holidays I wanted to cry because I felt weak.  So much good food to enjoy!  With my willpower zapped!

Honesty and accountability are not my best traits! But with the journal I felt obligated to write down the things I have eaten as well as drank.

It was located on the coffee table under some papers so I grabbed it! I wrote down the things I had for breakfast.

My journal has been the one thing which has helped keep me on track!

Also I have to give a shout out to Sheila at Weight Watchers, my family, friends, coworkers and the blog community!

Without you I would have quit!

The weight will not come off by tomorrow, next week or maybe even next year!

If I plan and be responsible I can maintain as well as continue to sensibly lose weight.

In my mind I have to rationalize my feelings and actions to keep them in the forefront!

I’ve stumbled quite a bit but I’m still here!

That’s what counts!

Keep journaling!

❤  Kim


4 thoughts on “Keep Journaling

  1. Trust the process AND Weight Watchers. What I learned is that it works and it allows for those “falls” which is why it is a GREAT program. I have been on WW for almost 10 years and lost over 105 pounds. I had a slight gain this holiday too but it is okay. As long as you go back to basics, it will come off and each time the “falls” will be less and farther apart. Keep up the great work.

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