Not the Best Way to Start the New Year

I’m home nursing a sinus infection!
I will be passing on the New Year’s celebration!
But I’m Feeling better!
Lot’s of fluids with some antibiotics
I’ll be in great shape to tackle the New Year!
The reason I think I got so sick was my refusal to be seen at the doctor’s!
It’s always a great big hassle!
And I put it off to the last minute!
It must be a sixth sense I have about these visits!
This time was one of the worse!
I made an appointment at a walk in clinic. It was not easy getting there because I felt so sick. My husband was with my son and I did not want to bother family.
The weather had turned frigid and a throbbing headache did not help my disposition.
I arrived and hurried to register as I was there right on time.
There was no one at the desk. I stood there for awhile and an older lady told me to go to the front desk.
I trudged over there to talk to a nasty little snit.
She told me to go back to the other desk. When I explained there was no one there she became irritated.
“Well there has got to be some one there!” She rolled her eyes and grabbed her phone to call the desk. No one answered.
I was getting mad!
“Well just go over there and sit down someone should be there.”
It took another couple of minutes until the receptionist arrived. She was nastier than the first girl and was full of attitude.
She was slamming items on her desk and gave me a look.
“Just give me a minute!”
“Don’t give me a hard time.” I told her.
“Wow, what an attitude!” She replied.
She opened the floodgates.
“I’m sick and the last thing I wanted to do was walk all over this place.”
“Just to let you know, I’m the only one at the desk and I had to go to the bathroom!” She whined.
” I don’t care!” I said. ” Have the decency to leave a note for sick people!”
I sat down fuming!
About five minutes later she got up again and left the area.
I noticed an elderly lady come over and begin to look for her like I did. She began to walk to the other desk when I yelled over to her to wait!
I thought I could relax until I was seen. I was wrong!
A lady in a wheelchair began to yell she needed to be seen. There was no one there to help her.
Every time a nurse walked out she asked how much longer.
One time she yelled at a girl in the waiting area to wheel her over to the desk!
I tried to be invisible! But it did not work!
“Hey come over here and help me find my cell phone in my purse.” She ordered.
“Lady I’m sick and you don’t want me over there!” I replied.
She saw another lady trying and yelled at her for help.
“Hey, come over and help me find my cell phone!”
The woman was a saint and looked through the purse until she found the phone!
Thankfully the nurse called my name! The rest of the visit was uneventful!
Not the best way to start this year but at least I feel better!


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