The Best Gifts I an Give Myself

At Christmas time my mind wanders. 
It’s wrapped around finding the perfect gifts for the people in my life. 
I ask myself the things I can give myself which will help me to be happy and successful. 
It’s not material. 
A vow to change or work on the intangible in my life.
The way I can promote sentiments of joy, accomplish and pride.
If I work on these things I believe it will take me to the next level.
1) Patience – all good things take time
2) Forgiveness – accept failure and learn from it. Stop beating myself up
3) Resilience – Inner strength and fortitude
4) Love for myself as well as those around me
5) Vision, If I see it I can be it!
6) Drive. Keep my feet moving.
7) Serenity. A peaceful place to go.
8) Spirituality. Expressions of my inner soul and beliefs
9) Humility. It never hurts to be gracious or humble
10) Creativity. A pen, piece of paper and a couple of ideas. ✏️
So remember gifts are not always pretty packages with bows. Gifts represent an aptitude or capacity to promote positive life changes as well as an opportunity to spread you message!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season!
❤️ Kim


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