A Gift for A Little Girl

Charity and giving definitely come from the heart.
One Christmas due to financial difficulties my parents needed to accept charity from others in order to provide us with Christmas gifts.
Our local church provided our family with gifts as well as food.
I remember getting a Barbie and an easy bake oven.
The tags read a gift for a little girl.
I wish those thoughtful people could have seen the smile on my face and felt the joy I experienced.
I have never forgotten the kindness of others!
It makes me realize the importance of giving!


2 thoughts on “A Gift for A Little Girl

  1. A lovely story. I always remember one year when a lady had come selling things she had hand made door to door trying to raise money to buy presents for her 5 daughters for Christmas. She had been widowed and had no insurance and was really poor, they didn’t even have housing and were in a bed sitting room. My mum asked her to come back the next day with her daughters. I was off school and we set to baking lots of goodies for when they arrived, we had a big roaring fire and we all sat and scoffed and chatted and mum packed up a load of yummy stuff for them to take, plus she bought everything she had been selling.

    One of the girls said she was sad that they wouldn’t have a tree so I asked if she wanted to help decorate ours so we got everything out and decorated our tree (I had to take it all down again when they’d gone as it was our family thing and everyone would have gone made if I’d done it without them) but I have never forgotten the tears in the girls’ eyes when we switched on the lights and how carefully they placed every ornament.

    I think that was the year that I realised Christmas is about giving and that giving doesn’t have to be grand and expensive because the most greatest of gifts is kindness and any gift given, any deed gifted if it is done in kindness it has more value than anything man could make. It definitely affected my life ever since and I’m glad it did.

    I saw a London pub decided to give anyone legitimately homeless a cooked three course free Christmas dinner at the weekend and they asked if anybody could spare some time to help serve and clear tables and wash up they would be grateful, in the event they were inundated with offers of people who wanted to help, donate gifts, useful gifts for homeless people and offer seats at their own tables over Christmas. Those stories warm my heart and remind me that not everyone on this planet is selfish, it’s just the selfish ones who get the most media time.

    Lovely memories of Christmas are always made up of lovely kind deeds, I never hear anyone reminisce about their first ipad.

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