How I Drive My Hubby Crazy in the Wintertime

Wintertime can be the so stressful. You hunker down and wait for the better weather!
I’ve noticed there are something’s I do which really drive my husband crazy! So I decided to make a list!
1. Waiting for better weather to shave my legs! He detests stubble!
2. Grandma nightgowns! The more flowers the better! Definitely not romantic!
3. Early bed times! It’s cold and dark so I change early and get ready for a long winter’s nap!
4. The mood changes with the lack of sunlight! They don’t call it sad for nothing!
5. Weather watcher! The first rumblings of a storm means the weather channel gets turned on and the fretting begins! Remember to watch for a warning!
6. Den mother & wife. This means we stay put in our den! Even if he thinks it is ok we go out!
A couple of things I know that bug him.
But I also knows he enjoys the cozy evenings at home!


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