The Abyss

I think I’m in a weight loss abyss.
At one time the pounds melted away. But not know.
I keep trying but with no real success! Falling into darkness.
No end in sight!
When I weighed in I gained!
I openly weeped!
I became irrational!
Did I need to stop eating?
I heard myself say those horrible words.
Fat, weak and lazy.
My mentor sat and listened. Her words of solace provided much needed relief!
I began to find my bearings.
The tears dried and I rationalized the gain.
A few too many carbs mixed in with that time of the month!
How can I turn this around?
Keep journaling.
Be positive.
Work on my diet.
Don’t be discouraged!
Discuss my concerns with my doctor.
Keep writing!
Seek support.
Use this as a driving force for me to rally behind.
Try to gain momentum.
At any other moment in my life I would have quit or walked away!
I may have fallen into a deep dark place but I can get myself out!


3 thoughts on “The Abyss

  1. Don’t stress too much girl, you can do it. We all go through plateau’s, but like you said just don’t let yourself fall into a dark place over it, dust yourself off and move on. ❤

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